It’s that time of the season when a number of TV shows are ending and being switched out with new ones. Here’s what’s coming up for your weeknight TV viewing on local channels.

Beartown – Mondays, HBO

Replacing 30 Coins, this show will be airing from 9pm each week. This Scandanavian crime drama focuses on how a failing hockey team receives help from a former NHL player.

Outdaughtered – Tuesdays, TLC

Now that 7 Little Johnstons is over, season 8 begins this week and is set to air from 8pm. Last season was pretty short due to the pandemic restrictions.

Superman & Lois – Tuesdays, The CW

Trickster has now finished airing, so we can expect to see Superman & Lois at 9pm. This new show looks at how Clark and Lois navigate being working parents to two boys.

The Flash – Tuesdays, The CW (From March 2)

Following after Two Sentence Horror Stories, The Flash season 7 begins next week at 8pm. We can expect to see Barry on a mission to stop Eva McCulloch while he looks for his missing wife.

Name That Tune – Wednesdays, Fox

This one is a little complicated. The Masked Dancer has been airing on Fox up until this point, but for the next few weeks, we will have two-episode blocks of Name That Tune at 8pm.

In two weeks, this will change to The Masked Singer season 5 (from March 10) at 8pm, followed by Game of Talents at 9pm.

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