Sony has decided to continue with its plans to branch out on its own, as another potential Spider-Man spinoff has just been announced.

Sony and Marvel Studios currently have a joint stake in the Spider-Man franchise, but Sony has decided to create its own related franchises.

Exhibitor Relations Co has marked the date October 8, 2021 for the project, which is currently largely being kept under wraps. All we know about this timeframe is that a week later marks the release of Hamilton: An American Musical and Halloween Ends on Disney Plus.

The Spider Man franchise has been subject to some dispute, as after Far From Home made its debut, Sony indicated it wanted to cease its Marvel partnership which let Spider Man interact with the Avengers.

However, Spider Man 3 is now going to be part of the MCU in Phase 4, coming out on July 16, 2021.

The surprise, then, is that an additional film will be coming out from just Sony a few months later.

The deal Sony currently has with Disney lets Marvel use Peter Parker in two further films – this includes Spider Man 3 and an untitled crossover, which could be a 5th Avengers movie or similar.

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