Upcoming streaming service Peacock from NBCUniversal is developing a comedy series called Fan Girl, which comes from Claudia Lonow. The creator is known for her work on How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life).

The new series will focus on a freedom fighter called Morrigan Chase who escapes death by travelling through a wormhole from a far away galaxy. She lands in a closet belonging to her biggest fan girl, who is described as an edibles lover called Beth.

Beth watches similar events to Morrigan’s life take place on Dominion, her favourite show. As the series progresses, the two take on evil each week in a mission to get Morrigan back home and become best friends in the process.

Lonow will also be in an executive producer role with Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, where they are all based with Hazy Mills Productions. Universal Television – a division of NBCUniversal Content Studios – is the studio behind the title.

Lonow is known for her previous work as a consulting producer on multi-camera NBC comedy series Crowded, as well as writing for Saves The World from Hazy Mills. She executive produced How to Live With Your Parents, which had a season on ABC.

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