Those waiting for news about upcoming streaming service Peacock finally have some updates, as a recent investor event in New York has resulted in fresh information being revealed.

Matt Strauss, head of Peacock, revealed that there are over 600 engineers working on the platform, which will launch on July 15 and come with three different pricing options.

The platform is based on the structure used by Sky in the UK for streaming services. There will be three options in the app – channels, trending and browse. A video will play automatically while a decision is being made.

In browse mode, there will be over 15,000 options for TV and movies to stream, broken down into rows as seen on Netflix and Disney Plus.

As for trending, this will feature daily short-form content such as sports highlights, news segments and pop culture updates. The aim behind this section is to provide a service which competes with YouTube.

With channels, Peacock will be trying to replicate traditional TV by having a channel guide to scroll through – as seen with cable packages. There will be TV shows, movies, news, sports and other content hubs.

Curation hubs will also be available. For example, fans of a certain show will be able to go into its hub and select a certain character. Then they will be able to watch episodes focusing on them.

Similarly, beginner options give viewers new to a show the chance to figure out the best episodes to watch.

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