Plex has been working hard to grow its library of free, ad-supported content amidst news of several new streaming services launching subscription-based platforms.

The company provides a hub for users to access their personal media libraries as well as OTA television and streaming services. However, they are bulking out their offering in a partnership with Legendary Television Distribution in order to add a number of features and TV shows to its service.

CEO of Plex, Keith Valory, said: “Our partnership with Legendary enables us to expand our offering with both digital features and TV titles, and further diversifies our catalogue of AVOD content when we launch.

“We are working to create a unified, beautiful app where all types of content are available in one place. We are partnering with many well-known studios to bring consumers the best possible entertainment experience, consistently across all screens, big and small.”

The content licensing deal with Legendary is not the first Plex has been a part of, as in the past they have laid out agreements with both Lionsgate and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

Currently, the platform offers programmatic advertising via its partner SpotX, although the company has expectations of developing an internal ad sales team in 2020. Plex also aims to be a generous middle ground for both advertisers and consumers, providing access for those who advertise to new audiences while also being particularly kind compared to other AVOD providers when it comes to sending user data back to content companies.

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