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The Premier League continues today with another match at 3pm ET – Tottenham v Everton.

Mourinho’s team will be looking for a victory after suffering a 3-1 defeat in their game against Sheffield United.

Everton have had more success after a draw against Liverpool and wins against Norwich and Leicester.

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As a point of comparison, here is what the Premier League table looked like in 2019:

  1. Man City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Chelsea
  4. Tottenham
  5. Arsenal
  6. Man United
  7. Wolves
  8. Everton
  9. Leicester City
  10. West Ham
  11. Watford
  12. Crystal Palace
  13. Newcastle
  14. Bournemouth
  15. Burnley
  16. Southampton
  17. Brighton
  18. Cardiff City
  19. Fulham
  20. Huddersfield

At the top of the table, Manchester and Liverpool managed to win their last five games.

Meanwhile, Arsenal and Watford were unlucky with three losses, as were Huddersfield and Cardiff City.

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Check out Premier League action with fuboTV now.