It isn’t long until the PS5 is released in several countries across the world – with the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan getting access from November 12, 2020.

Here is the latest news, including the Gamestop delay, postponing updates and more.

PS5 Unboxing

Those who have unboxed the PS5 will know that it’s a huge new console, which weighs roughly 10lbs. There is a DualSense controller in the box, along with a cable for charging it that is USB-C instead of micro USB.

You will also get a power cable, a HDMI lead and a stand which can either be attached on the back so the PS5 can be laid on its side, or slotted in between the two white wings for a tall console look.

Behind the console, there are two USB slots, HDMI, power and ethernet port. There are also industrial looking ridged vents – and the overall look is an off-white sheen, matching the new controller.

PS5 Gamestop delay

Some unfortunate Sony fans have been receiving emails from Gamestop informing them that their pre-order of the PS5 will not be with them until 2021. As the console is out in November, this means they have a wait of at least two months before getting what they ordered.

The emails have cited the reason for the delay is ‘due to circumstances out of our control’. The store has gone on to let customers cancel their pending order if they desire, but by this point many have felt it’s better to have it late than not at all.

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