Rick and Morty fans are hesitantly celebrating a potential return of season 4 episodes, as a trailer has been released confirming the premiere of the rest of the series.

People believe that the trailer could be an April Fool’s prank due to its upload date, but those who take it seriously will now wait for May 3 to see if it’s true.

The Twitter page for Adult Swim shows a trailer with the caption ‘Rick and Morty returns May 3. Don’t tell anyone’. Another tweet posted later reads ‘The wait to know when the wait is over, is over.’

The first half of season 4 aired in late 2019, with no timeframe previously given for when the rest of the episodes would be released.

The famous cartoon duo appeared in a Super Bowl commercial and a number of short films on Adult Swim’s social media pages – but now fans can start officially counting down the days.

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