The impact of streaming has been huge in recent years, and now a study from Roku has shown that online streaming has grown to be bigger than linear TV viewing. In fact, the data shows that US consumers spend 78 more minutes streaming than watching content in the traditional way.

This trend has also impacted shopping habits. Impressively, just under half of all consumers surveyed revealed they had paused streaming after viewing an ad and gone to find the product.

Furthermore, 41 percent of consumers said they had engaged with an interactive ad, and a similar percentage indicated they would be interested in sending themselves a coupon code.

In terms of overall streaming habits, a staggering 86 percent of consumers were shown to be streaming, and ⅓ of them did not have access to any traditional TV outlets. Generationally, this trend is on the up with millennials and Gen Z, but 83% of Baby Boomers said they would be unlikely to either purchase new linear subscriptions or reactive current ones once they expired.

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