There’s some great new content hitting streaming services today, and we’ve got a guide to it all here. Plus, we tell you how you can watch everything for free right now.

Books of Blood

This Hulu original film is perfect for Halloween.

Based on Clive Barker’s book series, the film features 3 intertwined stories – a mercenary tracking down a mysterious book, a college student suffering from mental health issues, and a professor whose beliefs on the paranormal are challenged when a man claims to be able to contact her deceased child.

You can check out Books of Blood with a 30 day free trial from Hulu now.

Hubie Halloween

A Netflix original film starring Adam Sandler, Hubie Halloween premieres today.

The film follows an eccentric but loveable community volunteer – who is the subject of pranks and scorn in his town of Salem, Massachusetts– suddenly entangled in a murder investigation.

A more light-hearted Halloween pick, you can watch it today with a 30 day free trial from Netflix.

Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth

This documentary looks at Craig Carton, who was a massively successful radio personality until a gambling addiction destroyed his career.

Carlton was also convicted of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy.

You can stream the documentary with a 7 day free trial from HBO Max.

It’s also possible to add HBO Max to a Hulu plan, which you can try with a 7 day free trial. Hulu also offer their own 30 day free trial so you can sample their expansive library.

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