Fans of popular TLC reality show Sweet Home Sextuplets will be wanting to make a note of when the latest instalment is out, and fortunately they don’t have long to wait. The third season will be returning with its finale this fall – and is being referred to by some fans as the fourth season.

Starting on Tuesday, September 29, and airing each week on this date at 10pm ET for the duration of the season, fans can tune in for the latest on the Waldrop family. As fans will know, the show focuses on the journey of Eric and Courtney, along with their children Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers and Tag.

In recent months, an exclusive sneak peek was shared with People which showed the family engaged in a chaotic potty training session. Courtney shared her strategy for completing the task: ‘I’m going to give them their snack, it’ll make them thirsty, they’re going to drink, and then they’re going to pee. And hopefully I can convince them to sit their little tushies down.’

Currently, the previous season three episodes of Sweet Home Sextuplets can be streamed on demand with a platform such as fuboTV. The first six episodes can be streamed on this platform, along with the first two seasons in full. Highlights which can be watched during season three so far include Halloween celebrations, preschool and karate classes.

There are also updates on remodelling, tours of mobile homes and a chaotic Thanksgiving where the whole family moves into a mobile home during construction – yet has to cook a meal for twenty people. Fortunately, there are still a few days to catch up on the episodes, and fuboTV offers a seven day free trial.

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