Those with a Tesla will be able to benefit from the biggest software update yet. Version 10.0 was announced in a press release from the site, which will provide a useful way to pass the time, whether you’re waiting for a friend or charging your battery up at one of the Supercharger stations.

Those with a Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 will be able to stream movies and TV from popular streaming services Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. They will be able to do this by connecting their accounts to the new system in their vehicles. Furthermore, live TV will be available with the Hulu integration. If you’re in China, the streaming options are iQiyi and Tencent Video.

Before you start conjuring up images of drivers streaming Stranger Things as they barrel down the highway, bear in mind your streaming won’t be able to take place in such a way that you’re putting yourself at risk of an accident. You’ll only be able to use these streaming services while the car is parked. What’s more, Tesla will be adding support for more streaming services as time goes on, so perhaps we’ll be seeing Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+ in 2020 or beyond.

Other features available with the Tesla update include the game Cuphead coming to Tesla Arcade, syncing your Spotify Premium account with the system and a Caraoke mode, allowing people to sing along to many songs with lyrics and multiple language support provided.

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