Many Americans are in love with British culture, and now they have access to a classic show from the UK – The Great British Baking Show – on streaming platform Netflix, US citizens can’t get enough of the latest series.

Taking to Twitter, users were quick to voice their enthusiasm for the weekly dose of British culture, with one person exclaiming: ‘Maaaan I just wanna go home and watch the Great British Baking Show.’ Another was quick to sing the show’s praises, saying: ‘The Great British Baking Show is the kindest and everyone is so sweet and what a good wholesome show.’

Netflix have recently begun posting each episode on a weekly basis in the US, three days after they premiere in the UK. This has led some fans to become impatient as they wait for the next episode, with one Twitter user forlornly commenting: ‘Am I rewatching the most recent episode of The Great British Baking Show for the fourth time at almost midnight in an attempt to fill the hole in my heart? Maybe.’

The current seasons sees 13 new contestants battle it out in the famous tent for the top slot, while Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding return as hosts and Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith reprise their roles as judges.

Also available for US fans on Netflix are some of the original seasons, featuring Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, widely considered to be the most famous judging duo of the show. Holiday and Master Class episodes are also on offer, where viewers can watch Berry and Hollywood create professional editions of the bakes attempted by the amateur bakers.

Furthermore, you can watch the two most recent seasons, with Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, on Netflix if you can’t get enough of the baking show. The pair have been on holiday episodes as well as celebrity episodes created for charity.

The latest season marks a decade of the show being on British television. You can get more information about the newest bakers by visiting the dedicated website and social media accounts.

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