It’s been no secret that many streamers keep Netflix as their staple source of entertainment for classic original series such as The Crown and Stranger Things. Although critics may not have given glowing reviews consistently, consumers have kept coming back for more.

Now market research firm Ampere Analysis has revealed that its Critical Rating Score shows a quarter of Netflix Original titles from the last five years are expected to stand the test of time in terms of popularity.

Significantly, this figure compares well with popular movies from media giants such as Disney and WarnerMedia. The report says: ‘The streaming giant’s ability to create hit content – especially TV shows, which make up 79 percent of Netflix top placements – is an effective substitute for legacy franchises. Netflix has joined media giants Disney and WarnerMedia in creating content that will last.’

Ampere’s Critical Rating Score takes into account factors such as user reviews, box office receipts, volume of interest and popularity of specific companies via metrics such as website traffic.

Netflix is currently available to streamers for $8.99 a month for the basic package. It provides over 3000 movies and 2000 TV shows, plus Originals such as Mindhunter, Russian Doll and The Kissing Booth.

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