Those of us who have been keeping on top of news about Disney+ will know that there’s a huge slate of content set to be available when the platform launches on November 12. However, one Redditor has highlighted the long list of shows and movies which won’t be available on this date.

LordVader3000 has pointed out that several well-known movies will still be on other streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix when launch date comes around. This is because the streaming contracts won’t have expired, meaning that Disney will have to wait for a little longer before being able to reclaim its content.

For example, Iron Man 2 is currently on Amazon, and Netflix has titles such as Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Last Jedi, Tarzan, Incredibles 2 and Thor Ragnarok. HBO has Anastasia and Holes, while FXNOW can currently lay claim to the Night at the Museum movies.

LordVader3000 added some information to the list, such as the fact that Sony owns part of the rights to the Spectacular Spider-Man TV series, which is why it doesn’t feature on Disney+. Furthermore, Paramount owns the distribution rights to Indiana Jones, even though Disney is the company which can produce further films.

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