Recently TLC has begun airing a new season of The Family Chantel, and the classic drama is going down in the episodes. One of the newest episodes has seen Winter and Chantel get into a fight.

Previously, Chantel and Karen were suspicious about Winter’s boyfriend Jah, and hired a private detective to look into his situation. The drastic measure paid off, as it was revealed he has a secret son whom he is paying child support for.

When Winter finds out the truth about her partner after he is confronted by Chantel and Karen, she moves back in with her parents. However, it is later revealed that she is working on resolving her issues with Jah.

The family try to unite in a photo shoot for the festive season, but Winter makes it clear she isn’t into the fashion being worn – or celebrating Christmas generally. Unfortunately, this rubs Chantel the wrong way and she kicks off, bringing Jah into the discussion too.

The Family Chantel can be streamed tonight, Monday November 2 2020, with a new episode airing on TLC at 9pm ET – plus another one is on at 10pm. TLC can be streamed free with a seven day trial of fuboTV.

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