Disney Plus has yet to launch, as its official release date is November 12, but a whole host of shows are already being cancelled by this streaming provider. For example, the Muppets reboot, titled Muppets Live Another Day, will not be going ahead according to a report from Deadline.

The scripted comedy show was set to follow up on the 1984 movie The Muppets Take Manhattan, and would have chronicled Kermit trying to reunite the Muppets. It was being written and produced by Josh Gad, who worked on Frozen, and Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, who worked on Once Upon A Time.

Josh Gad confirmed on social media that the three had decided to step away from the show, saying that ‘Sometimes, creative differences are just that. We LOVE this franchise so much & truly wish them all the best.’

What’s more, a comedy series called Four Dads will also not be going ahead. The show would be following the lives of Ethan and Sebastian, who get divorced and then find other partners. The two are faced with the task of parenting their teenage daughters while also avoiding the challenges seen with two very different families. The series was never confirmed by Disney, but production had been due to start in Los Angeles back in spring 2019.

Deadline also reports that Disney Plus has cancelled a live action version of Book of Enchantment, due to issues with its tone and direction. The streaming platform had been working on this show for over a year, and production was set to start in the UK in 2020 with ABC Studios. Rumours say that the tone of the show was going in a much darker direction than Disney Plus executives wanted, so they decided to put a stop to it.

Some similar changes have also been taking place. An unannounced Disney+ series, titled Sulphur Springs, will no longer be an exclusive on the streaming platform, instead heading to the Disney Channel. It was originally described as a supernatural drama for younger viewers and compared to Stranger Things. Furthermore, the reboot of High Fidelity, which was also due to be a Disney+ exclusive, has been handed over to Hulu after it became too mature and no longer matched with the family-oriented tone of Disney Plus.

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