This weekend saw the totally fan-organized Justice Con bring plenty of updates on the upcoming ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League. We’ve rounded up the biggest news for you to check out below.

Ray Fisher

The Cyborg actor had his own panel at Justice Con, where he shared his support for the Snyder Cut – and even had his panel crashed by Zack Snyder himself. In the panel, Fisher reaffirmed his comments on Joss Whedon and invited the director to sue him for libel if anything he said was inaccurate. On the subject of the upcoming Flashpoint movie, as well as whether he will appear at DC Fandome, Fisher was tight lipped.

Ray Porter

Ray Porter chatted about his portrayal of Justice League’s big bad, commenting ‘Darkseid doesn’t see himself as the villain. He believes in what he’s doing’. He also revealed he heard about the Snyder Cut’s release when Zack Snyder made the public announcement, and shared his enthusiasm at the chance of seeing more of Fisher’s Cyborg in this version of the movie.

Deborah Snyder

Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder’s wife and collaborator, described the Snyder Cut as ‘a character study’ and a ‘slow burn’. She also teased another DC project ‘coming up…with another director’ – fans are speculating that this could be the ‘Ayer Cut’ of Suicide Squad, but it could also be Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins’ Amazon spinoff.

Zack Snyder

The biggest news from Snyder’s panel was the premiere of a brand new clip from the Snyder Cut, with Superman (Henry Cavill) wearing the infamous black suit. Check out our roundup of Snyder’s panel here for all the details.

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