The latest series which has got people talking is Secrets of the Dead, airing on PBS each week – and the next episode is called Gangster’s Gold.

This week, Wednesday November 18 at 10pm, ET is airing an instalment where three treasure hunters look for the lost treasure owned by a gangster called Dutch Schultz.

The show first began airing back in 2000, and looks at historical mysteries such as the Andrea Doria sinking with new forensic techniques.

For fans of mystery or history, check out previous episodes such as:

  • Van Gogh’s Ear
  • Nero’s Sunken City
  • The Woman in the Iron Coffin
  • Hannibal in the Alps
  • Bombing Auschwitz
  • Building Notre Dame
  • Viking Warrior Queen
  • Abandoning the Titanic

PBS can be streamed online free using the website – and is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

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