There is good news on the horizons for fans of The Real Housewives, as a fresh season of the Dallas branch begins airing tonight, January 5, 2021 on Bravo.

There was a preview of the full season premiere episode on Thursday, December 31 2020 at 8/7c, but moving forward the show will be airing on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

Those in the cast for season 5 include Stephanie Hollman, Kary Brittingham, Kameron Westcott, Brandi Redmond and D’Andra Simmons.

New cast member Dr Tiffany Moon will also be making her debut, while Jennifer Davis Long is a recurring member of the cast as a friend.

Bravo revealed the taglines for each of the cast members recently.

  • Tiffany Moon: “I can save your life, but not your reputation.”
  • Kameron Westcott: “I love to be pampered, but I’m nobody’s pet.”
  • D’Andra Simmons: “Dallas girls are sugar and spice, but I’m still working on nice.”
  • Brandi Redmond: “Take it from me, a sinner is just a saint who keeps on trying.”
  • Stephanie Hollman: “I don’t need your approval. I need you to get out of my way.”
  • Kary Brittingham: “If you take a shot at me, it better be tequila!”
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