Those up to date on the horror movies circuit will no doubt know about upcoming film Antlers, but when exactly is the release date, who is in the cast and have any trailers become available to watch online? Here’s the full lowdown.

When will Antlers come out?

There is some confusion about the release date for Antlers, and for good reason. Originally, the movie was scheduled to come out on April 17, 2020 – but the coronavirus pandemic led to the date being removed. It was changed to February 19, 2021, but then it was removed again – with no update at the time of writing. Therefore, we are just as in the dark as you are!

Will there be another Antlers movie?

Hopefully, once we know about the release of the first movie and there are ratings to go off upon its premiere, we will get a feel for whether an Antlers 2 is on the horizon. Until then, it’s simply too early to tell.

Antlers spoilers and fan theories

The general premise for Antlers is that a school teacher living in a small community in Oregon becomes concerned about one of her students. The teacher’s brother – who happens to be the local sheriff – is also worried about the child, who happens to be harbouring a mysterious creature within his home.

Antlers cast

  • Keri Russell – Julia Meadows
  • Katelyn Peterson – Young Julia Meadows
  • Jesse Plemons – Paul Meadows
  • Jeremy T Thomas – Lucas Weaver
  • Graham Greene – Warren Stokes
  • Scott Haze – Frank Weaver
  • Rory Cochrane – Dan Lecroy
  • Amy Madigan – Principal Booth
  • Cody Davis – Clint
  • Sawyer Jones – Aiden Weaver
  • Jake T Roberts – A Forensic Officer

Is there a trailer for Antlers?

There is an official trailer for Antlers, which was released on YouTube by Searchlight Pictures. Released on October 23 2019 and lasting a few minutes, it currently has over a million views.

Where is Antlers filmed?

The primary filming location for Antlers is Vancouver, Canada.

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