Those who are clued up on their upcoming Disney releases will be aware that one of the movies on the horizon is Jungle Cruise. But who is in the cast, when is it out and is there a trailer available? Here’s everything you need to know.

When will Jungle Cruise come out with Disney?

The current scheduled release date for Jungle Cruise is July 30, 2021. The original release was October 11, 2019, but this was pushed back to July 24, 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic led to further delays and the final release date as above.

Will there be another Jungle Cruise movie?

There’s no doubt that a Jungle Cruise 2 would be welcomed by its audience if the first movie does well, but only time will tell what the viewer ratings will be. Perhaps this time next year we will know more about potential plans for a sequel.

Jungle Cruise spoilers and fan theories

So far we know that Jack Whitehall’s character will be gay, with the movie featuring a coming out scene with Johnson. There was some controversy when this information was released in December 2018, as critics were skeptical about a straight man playing a gay character. Historically, this will be the second time Disney has portrayed a gay character in a live action Disney movie. The other example is Le Fou, played by Josh Gad, in the adaptation of Beauty and the Beast which came out in 2017.

Jungle Cruise cast

  • Dwayne Johnson – Frank
  • Emily Blunt – Dr Lily Houghton
  • Edgar Ramirez – Villain
  • Jack Whitehall – McGregor Houghton
  • Jesse Piemons – Villain
  • Paul Giamatti – Brooks
  • Andy Nyman – Sir James Hobbs-Cunningham
  • Quim Gutierrez – Villain
  • Veronica Falcon – TBC
  • Dani Rovira – TBC
  • Simone Lockhart – Anna

Is there a trailer for Jungle Cruise?

There are a few trailers available on YouTube for Jungle Cruise. One is a teaser trailer released on October 11 2019, and another was an official trailer revealed in March 2020. There is also a small teaser trailer from 2019, and a wrap video featuring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson.

Where is Jungle Cruise filmed?

Filming for Jungle Cruise took place in Kauai, Hawaii, between May and September 2018. Another filming location was Atlanta, Georgia.

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