CBS fans will most likely know all about the reboot of classic series MacGyver, which was an 80s staple and has now had new life breathed into it. In this reimagining, viewers see MacGyver as an undercover agent working for the government. Instead of using force, he implements his engineering skills to tackle any obstacles which come his way.

Impressively, CBS made the decision to renew 18 TV shows back in May. MacGyver was not the only one to receive this treatment – other top titles include FBI, Magnum PI, NCIS, SEAL Team and Blue Bloods. Here’s all we know about the fifth season of MacGyver.

When will season 5 of MacGyver come out on CBS?

CBS has revealed that fall 2020 is when people can expect season 5 of MacGyver to hit their screens. While the specific date has not been released at the time of writing, viewers are expecting the episodes to be scheduled for Friday nights at 9/8c. Even more episodes should be following, with Blue Bloods right after at 10/9c.

There could be a spanner in the works when it comes to the release date, however. This is because the showrunner for both MacGyver and Magnum PI was fired after CBS conducted an internal investigation. It was discovered that Peter Lenkov was creating a toxic work environment, and so he was terminated in July. It has not been confirmed yet whether this will impact season five.

Will there be another season of MacGyver?

Beyond season five, we don’t yet know if CBS is planning to renew the show for another season. It will most likely depend on how well the show does next time around and what the ratings are like.

Season 5 spoilers and fan theories

One plot point we can be certain will continue when shows go back on the air is the one concerning Codex’s threat. This is because season 4 had to close down early after just 13 episodes. Considering the fact that the previous seasons had 21, 23 and 22 episodes respectively, it was most likely only halfway through. Some fans have excitedly speculated that season five will have an additional half-season’s worth of episodes to make up for shutting down early.

MacGyver season 5 cast

It’s fairly safe to assume that the below cast members will be returning in the same roles as usual:

  • Lucas Till – Angus MacGyver
  • Tristin Mays – Riley Davis
  • Justin Hires – Wilt Bozer
  • Meredith Eaton – Matty Webber
  • Levy Tran – Desi Nguyen
  • Henry Ian Cusick – Russ Taylor

As for the others, it has been speculated that Leonardo Nam is returning as Aubrey, Tate Donovan is coming back as Jimmy and Amber Skye Noyes will be back on screen as Scarlett.

Is there a trailer for season 5?

At the time of writing, there is not a trailer available for the fifth season of this classic CBS series. However, news about the renewal and various details surrounding the release of new episodes have been uploaded to YouTube for fans to get all the latest gossip.

Season 4 recap – what happened?

The season opened with Mac, Riley, Bozer, Matt and Desi locating a bioweapon with the power to destroy a US city. Other plot points include MacGyver stealing a classified project from a military lab, discovering a deliberate medical emergency on a plane and rescuing survivors after a building collapse in Germany.

Where is MacGyver filmed?

The main filming for MacGyver is known to take place in Atlanta, Georgia – at the Mailing Avenue Stageworks in Chosewood Park.

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