There are a huge number of shows being planned for release on Disney Plus which focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and one of the latest reveals is Moon Knight.

The upcoming title tells the story of former CIA agent Marc Spector who is saved by the Moon God Khonshu as he embarks on a mission.

He becomes a superhero when he is transformed into the human avatar of this Egyptian God on Earth. Here’s everything you need to know about the show.

When will Moon Knight come out on Disney Plus?

Currently there is not a release date for Moon Knight, as there are several other series being worked on in terms of production before this one.

It had been revealed that production would begin in Atlanta in November 2020, but coronavirus restrictions quickly put these plans on hold.

Will there be another season of Moon Knight?

It’s possible there could be a season 2 of Moon Knight, as top MCU shows such as Jessica Jones and Runaways have multiple seasons under their belts. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Moon Knight spoilers and fan theories

There is not a clear idea just yet of how Moon Knight will manifest in the TV series. This is because, in the comics, Marc Spector makes use of multiple alter egos such as Jake Lockley the cab driver and Steven Grant the socialite and millionaire.

It has been hinted that Mohamed Diab, an Egyptian writer-director, will be working on the creation of Moon Knight alongside Jeremy Slater – who is head of the writing team and known for his previous work on The Umbrella Academy.

Moon Knight cast

An official cast list for Moon Knight has not been released just yet, but what we do know is that Oscar Isaac – known for his roles on Star Wars – could be cast in the starring role.

Previously, there had been rumours that Daniel Radcliffe would be part of the show, but he revealed in an interview that the speculation was untrue.

It has been said that Marvel is seeking a ‘Zac Efron type’ with Israeli descent, as the character has Jewish origins.

Is there a trailer for Moon Knight?

There is not a trailer yet as production has not begun, but there is likely to be a teaser released around a month before the official release date.

Where is Moon Knight filmed?

Plans for production were set to be located in Atlanta before coronavirus restrictions were put in place, so it is expected that the same plan will apply once filming commences on Moon Knight.

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