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A movie which has been hotly anticipated for a while now is SCOOB! This title is soon coming to HBO Max, the new streaming service which recently launched.

The feature shines a spotlight on how Mystery Inc – the classic quartet who explore various issues in the TV shows – was formed.

The movie sees the group take on a huge mystery – a plot to release the ghost dog Cerberus into the world.

Warner Bros initially released this movie via Premium Video On Demand on May 15. However, it will be available on HBO Max from June 26.

Kevin Reilly, chief content officer at HBO Max, said: ‘HBO Max is the perfect home for these ‘meddling kids’ and their dog.

SCOOB! tells the backstory of how these beloved friends met and formed Mystery Inc. It’s a perfect addition to our kids and family offering and will sit alongside beloved original Scooby-Doo episodes.’

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