After a long wait, the fourth season of Snowfall is finally coming to our screens in just a few weeks. Check out our roundup for full details of when to tune in on FX, cast information and whether there’s a trailer available to watch.

When will season 4 of Snowfall come out on FX?

The current plan for season 4 of Snowfall is that it will be coming out on Wednesday, February 24 on FX. The good news is that those who can’t watch live will be able to watch episodes on Hulu the next day.

Will there be another season of Snowfall?

There is not currently any news on whether there will be a Snowfall season 5, but watch this space for the latest updates.

Season 4 spoilers and fan theories

What we know so far is that season 4 is set in 1985, with the series opening on January 1. Ronald Reagan has won his campaign for reelection, but that doesn’t mean there are bright times ahead. In fact, in LA there are many people hooked on crack cocaine in the South Central area. The dealers are beginning to develop a conscience, as although they get to benefit from the higher levels of addiction, they also realise the damage that is being done to their area.

The war on drugs is leading to the nation paying attention to these worrying addiction statistics, and there is action planned to take place from the White House to the CIA.

Snowfall season 4 cast

  • Damson Idris – Franklin Saint
  • Carter Hudson – Teddy McDonald
  • Emily Rios – Lucia Villanueva
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta
  • Michael Hyatt – Cissy Saint
  • Amin Joseph – Jerome Saint
  • Angela Lewis – Aunt Louie
  • Juan Javier Cardenas – Alejandro Usteves
  • Isaiah John – Leon Simmons
  • Filipe Valle Costa – Pedro Nava
  • Alon Aboutboul – Avi Drexler
  • Malcolm Mays – Kevin Hamilton
  • Marcus Henderson – Andre Wright
  • Judith Scott – Claudia Crane
  • Kevin Carroll – Alton Saint
  • Reign Edwards – Melody Wright
  • Peta Sergeant – Julia
  • Taylor Kowalski – Rob Volpe
  • Justin Lupe – Victoria
  • Adam Karst – Muir
  • Jonathan Tucker – Matt McDonald
  • Adriana DeGirolami – Soledad
  • DeRay Davis – Peaches
  • Alanna Ubach – Gabriella Ellas
  • Melvin Gregg – Drew Manboy Miller
  • Jesse Luken – Officer Herb Nix Nixon
  • Kwame Patterson – Lurp
  • Adrianna Mitchell – Tanosse

Is there a trailer for season 4?

The trailer for season 4 has recently been released, showing that there is plenty yet to come for Franklin Saint. Not only is he getting more supply, there are plans to expand beyond Los Angeles. However, there is now competition due to the growth of the cocaine epidemic, and turf wars have begun.

Season 3 recap – what happened?

The finale for season 3 of Snowfall saw the police take on Saint’s operations, as well as his family. Wright receives kudos at work, but when Saint ensures his badge and gun are stolen, he is suspended from the force.

When Wright and Saint finally have their showdown, he sees his only child Mel has been taken in by crack cocaine like others in Los Angeles.

Where is Snowfall filmed?

The primary filming location for Snowfall is Los Angeles, California.

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