The Last Dance is well and truly underway on ESPN, with viewers tuning in each Sunday evening to watch the Michael Jordan documentary.

The 10 part series offers sports fans a look at Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls, with the title being in the making since the 1990s.

The third episode makes its debut on ESPN at 9pm ET, and an edited version censoring out bad language airs at the same time on ESPN2.

Before this, the previous two episodes are aired from 7pm on ESPN so people can catch up if they missed the premiere the previous week.

Those outside of the US can watch the latest episodes on Netflix from Monday, April 27 – the day they will be airing each week until the series is over.

ESPN can be streamed on TV packages such as Sling TV. In fact, Sling offers Happy Hour between 5pm and midnight, so television is completely free!

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