Disney+ has launched in America, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. With the launch has come some confusion due to technical glitches, but another source of head-scratching is the appearance of shows on the interface which can’t be watched.

The reason the content can’t currently be watched is because various licensing and exclusivity agreements won’t have expired yet. This means the films and shows can’t become available without being in breach of the agreements.

The bonus to knowing that they’ll be available in the future is that you can add them to your Watchlist. This means you’ll be notified when they become available on the streaming service.

Although Disney+ has been in the works for a while now, some contracts are worked out even further in advance. In other words, despite Disney working on the platform for four years, there were always going to be some shows and movies which wouldn’t be eligible for adding to the platform for a while longer.

So if you want to watch Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and other Disney classics on the platform, you can add them to your Watchlist and stream them in a few months.

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