Disney+ is now live in a number of territories, and despite a rocky launch and a number of technical issues, demand for the service continues to soar.

Recently, subscribers have taken to Reddit to question why So Weird is missing season 2 on the streaming platform.
The user who started the thread said: ‘I’ve been watching So Weird, I was somewhere in the middle of season 2 and now season 2 is missing, so I can’t continue where I left off. What’s going on here?’

This was news to others who had been watching the show, as one said ‘That’s… So weird’ and another went ‘Boom. That just happened.

Then someone ‘did a little digging’ on the Disney+ Twitter page, and fed back with the update. ‘Looks like the episodes were out of order and will be uploaded again.

However, the update provided little relief to some fans, who wanted a timeframe on when they’d be able to watch the second season. One said: ‘ I finished season 1 not 24 hours before season 2 got deleted. I feel personally attacked.’

Meanwhile, another commented: ‘My husband and I literally finished season 1 last night!! What are we supposed to do now?!’

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