With the upcoming launch of HBO Max, there are plenty of questions about which content will be on the platform when it goes live. One of those questions is in regard to the Harry Potter franchise, which is now a household name and still capable of drawing in new fans.

However, the Harry Potter franchise will not be on HBO Max when it launches, which will be a source of confusion to some. This is because the movies were made by Warner Bros, and HBO Max is owned by WarnerMedia.

While it would make sense for Harry Potter to be on HBO Max, NBCUniversal currently has the rights to the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

The rights last through April 2025, but it’s likely that the franchise will jump ship to HBO Max once this deal has expired – especially as chief content officer Kevin Reilly has reportedly said ‘You can’t have our experience without Harry Potter’.

NBCUniversal has the rights to both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies, so one might expect them to appear on their upcoming streaming service, Peacock.

Interestingly, in a press release which announced the service, the franchise wasn’t mentioned, and it would have made sense to include the movies considering their popularity.

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