The first season of Netflix hit The Witcher was hugely popular, and a second season has been ordered.

Deadline has exclusively revealed that Dolittle actress Carmel Laniado has been added to the cast list for the upcoming episodes

The British teen has been signed on for three episodes or more as a young girl called Violet who has been described as being playful and mischievous on the outside, but smart and cruel on the inside.

It has been rumoured that filming on the new season begins this month in the UK, with additional shooting said to take place in Scotland and Eastern Europe.

The season is said to be in production at Arborfield Studios, a location west of London.

The first season was filmed in Hungary, Poland and Spain, with actor Henry Cavill in the leading role as a nomad monster hunter.

Although the series had varying reviews, Netflix reported that it had potential to be the biggest season one TV series to date for the platform, as 76 million households tuned in.

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