WWE has revealed that its pay per view service could move to the new Peacock streaming platform set to be launched by NBCUniversal.

When the company revealed their 2019 earnings, it was shown that their subscriber count had gone down 9% from the previous year.

With NBC platform Peacock set to launch in April, it has been reported that they could be using WWE pay per views as a core part of their initial programming.

Ryback discussed the issue when Raj Giri joined him on Conversations With The Big Guy Ryback. He said: ‘I love it, I think this is a brilliant move. The [WWE Network] has not panned out like they wanted it to, it’s kind of been stuck in that number [1.5 million]. I love this move, the Network isn’t going anywhere, but with the Network, they are severely limited on what they can do.

‘I look at what the UFC has done with ESPN+ and I get the fights through that. I got a Playstation that I don’t even use, but I use it to order the fights. It’s very good quality and it’s very quick. The WWE brand as big as it is they were kind of early to the party over there and they tried to do everything in house and then these big companies like ESPN, Disney and other ones are more established. That UFC deal, there’s just something about it, it just works really well.’

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