Plenty of Xbox fans are gearing up for the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but one question remains: are games from the Xbox 360, Xbox One S and other older consoles backwards compatible?

The good news is that all of the games from previous consoles are available on Xbox Series X and Series S. Players simply have to insert the disc into their new console and install the game to play as usual.

Furthermore, cloud saves are soon set to be free for all Xbox 360 users so they can easily transfer games to their new console. That said, all backwards compatible games will run natively on the new models. There will be no boost mode or downclocking.

This means that the old games will run at the peak performance they were originally designed for – but with the perks of higher performance than the platform they initially came out on. In other words, there will be higher and steadier framerates, maximum resolution rendering and the highest visual quality possible.

There are also significantly reduced load times for backwards compatible titles due to the upgrade to the custom NVME SSD. As if that wasn’t enough, there will be auto HDR for all games, to create brighter and more colorful images in areas you would naturally expect.

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