YouTube is known as the hub for shorter video clips across a range of genres, but the platform could soon be looking into offering video subscriptions according to recent reports.

The video portal could also become a place to sign up for premium subscription services such as HBO and Cinemax in a move which would place it in competition with Amazon and Apple.

There are a small number of services currently available for consumers to sign up for through the service, such as Showtime and Starz. However, it has been reported that they aim to expand this offering significantly.

The Information has reported: ‘It is unclear if any new subscription offering would be tied to YouTube TV or would be separate. But giving YouTube TV subscribers access to various other stand-alone subscriptions could help YouTube improve the profit margins on the streaming cable service.’

YouTube has recently revealed that its growth is strong, as the Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that YouTube TV now has over two million subscribers. This makes the platform the third largest live TV streaming service.

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