YouTube’s subscriber count for its live TV streaming service has been reported by Sundar Pichai, Google and Alphabet CEO, as part of its Q4 earnings call.

The service now has 2 million subscribers across the globe, which makes it the third largest streaming platform for live TV.

To compare the numbers, Hulu Live TV has 3.2 million subscribers, while Sling TV had 2.7 million according to statistics for the end of the last quarter.

The new figures from YouTube TV reveal that this service is now much larger than AT&T TV Now, which has under a million subscribers after losing over 200,000.

In the aftermath of Playstation Vue’s shutdown in January, YouTube TV has been trying to get those subscribers to transfer over to them.

The company has reportedly landed a marketing deal to promote their service to this demographic, as well as release a PS4 app.

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