There is a new TV network out there targeting a specialist audience – those who are vegan, or thinking about eliminating their intake of all animal products. Launched by Jane Velez-Mitchel, the network aims to educate the world about how it could be if everyone was vegan.

So what content can you expect on a vegan channel? There will be cooking shows (plant based, of course), breaking news, protests covered with live footage, documentaries about going vegan and animal rights and more.

Some of the titles you would be watching on UnChainedTV include The Invisible Vegan, Earthlings, Countdown to Year Zero and Vegucated. If you are interested in vegan chefs, you will see top names such as The Spork Sisters, Mollie Englehart, Ron Russell and Chef AJ.

There will be vegan celebrities from other areas of life too, such as John Salley, Dotsie Bausch, Jorja Fox, Gianna Samone and Katie Cleary. As an additional incentive, all of the content is free with the aim of inspiring others to live a plant-based lifestyle.

Velez-Mitchel said: ‘We give viewers thought-provoking content they cannot get on mainstream television networks. We offer solutions to the world’s leading problems: the climate crisis, deforestation, wildlife extinction, human hunger, and human disease. People who click on UnChainedTV get a window into a life-changing transformation.’

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