I feel like a cow for saying it, but I hated Fernanda’s dress. You know, the paint splashes that artist friend threw all over it so she had an outfit for her divorce party. Thing is, I loved everything else about what she’s doing.

Good for her that she’s got herself a career, a decent place to live and is working on herself. At the end of the day, I believe she was 100% right about Jonathan. He is totally messed up for saying they couldn’t move to Chicago as he was so focused on his business – then moving there with his next squeeze the minute they get engaged!

For her sake, I really hope she manages to move on and find happiness. I have to say the same about Molly, although I really wish she wouldn’t be so explicit about her sex drive on camera. Like, we get it, you want to have sex with your new boyfriend. Can’t you get us to fill in the gaps for ourselves?

She could also be less full on when she starts asking him questions during dinner. This guy is a cop, so he’s focused on his career, and just because he doesn’t have any kids and hasn’t been married before, doesn’t automatically mean he’s a weirdo. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with being career focused and then wanting to settle down when you get older. Not all of us reach adulthood and decide we need to be married with a baby on the way at 26, or else!

Molly on 90 Day The Single Life
Molly on 90 Day The Single Life (Picture: Discovery)

Also, much as I hate to admit it, I do feel sorry for Big Ed. I watched his story with Rose, and he was genuinely mean to her at times. Who asks their girlfriend to shave her legs because he prefers women that way? It’s not his decision how Rose looks. More to the point, he should not have hidden the fact he didn’t want more kids for so long.

Think about it this way, he loves to chase down younger women. As in, much younger than him. Those women may want to have children, and in being with him, they basically won’t be able to. Isn’t that unfair? Isn’t it kinder for Ed to find someone more in his age range, who has either settled on not having kids or has their own grown up kids? You know, like he does?

To get back to why some pity has leaked in – I feel like this restaurant manager is going to let him down, and I simply don’t like to see people getting rejected. He does genuinely respect her for her work ethic and personal qualities, which I can understand and respect myself. But…to me, it looked like she only agreed to the date because she knew she was on camera and felt like she had to, to avoid backlash from the public. Perhaps I’m being too cynical, but that’s what it looked like.

Colt's new friend on 90 Day The Single Life
Colt’s new friend on 90 Day The Single Life (Picture: Discovery)

Don’t even get me started on the mystery that is Danielle and Mohamed meeting up. I do have a working theory, though. Much as he told her he wasn’t looking for anything immigration related, he may be anticipating that something could come up where he needs her help. So perhaps he’s buttering her up to ensure he’s in her good books, should the time come.

The whole thing is weird. Danielle definitely said more behind the scenes than she was able to say to him in person. It’s a real shame she’s still clearly hung up over him (I did not buy the ‘getting closure’ excuse for a minute), because she really needs to find someone who is better suited to her.

Oh, I almost forgot! What the sweet merry p*** was that date Colt went on with the lady in the porn room? Was his ‘friend’ having a laugh by setting her up with him? I absolutely believe she manufactured that creepy laugh – and the whole wild personality – to get more views on her porn channel. Everyone I sent the clip to immediately looked up her videos. So, you know. Fair play, lady. Good marketing strategy…

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Here’s hoping Danielle gets up the guts to block Mohamed, Fernanda never sees Jonathan in Chicago, Molly gets over her paranoia that her new dude has something wrong with him, and Big Ed stops asking out women young enough to be his daughter. Also that Colt stops getting set up with porn stars who want to lick his face off.

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