People may not easily remember Alita: Battle Angel, but the movie – which originally came out in February 2019 – is airing its re-release today, October 30 2020.

The 20th Century Fox movie came out in the US on February 14, but James Cameron announced on Twitter earlier this month that it would be coming back to theaters.

Showtimes are available in theaters across the country, but those using Google for their results should double check with the theater in question to ensure the times are still valid due to COVID-19 health guideline changes.

The movie tells the story of an abandoned cyborg found in a scrapyard several years in the future. A cyber-doctor called Ido puts her together, but when she awakens she has no memory of who she is.

The cyberpunk-action movie is based on the 1990s series Gunnm from Yukito Kishiro, which was followed up by a video animation adaptation called Battle Angel in 1993.

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