Apple TV+ will be with us very soon, and even though subscribers have yet to see the first season of See, a drama starring Jason Momoa, the second season of the fantasy epic has reportedly already been ordered.

The premise of the series is that all of humanity has been robbed of sight for centuries, and a set of newborn twins who can see strike a war among tribes who either want to preserve or destroy the new generation.

One of the stars of the show, Alfre Woodward, told RadioTimes that there would ‘definitely’ be two seasons, saying ‘Trust me, we’ve spent the money, we’re definitely going back for season two.’

Meanwhile, Momoa wasn’t so quick to give anything away, saying that while ‘It’s not official…Well, you didn’t hear it from me…’

Momoa revealed that playing a character who would have a strong father role is what made it particularly rewarding, saying that it was ‘totally a challenge’ to recreate ‘the sensitivity of being a dad’ but ‘I love it’.

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