90 Day Fiance: The Other Way generated a lot of hype when its first season aired, as fans were fascinated to see what happened when Americans chose to permanently relocate to another country to be with their loved ones.

The fan favourites on the first season were Jenny and Sumit, as viewers watched Jenny relocate to India to be with her online beau.

However, sparks flew when it was revealed Sumit was married. Jenny had given up her career and possessions in Palm Springs, California, to live in a small apartment in India.

People reported that 90 Day Fiance: Season 2 is returning with a new season on June 1. What’s more, while Jenny was forced to leave her life in India behind after the marriage bombshell, it looks like she’s doing it again.

Viewers last heard from Sumit that he was planning to get a divorce from his wife as they had been in an arranged marriage and he didn’t actually love her.

While Jenny was forced to return to the United States and move in with her daughter, Sumit has reportedly promised there will be no more lies if she moves back to India.

Mark your calendars for June 1, as that’s when the first instalment of Jenny and Sumit’s long-distance relationship will come back and we find out if Jenny decides to give up her life in America once again for her love.

If you want to catch up on the first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, it’s available for purchase now on Prime Video – so refresh your memory on all of the Jenny and Sumit drama before getting round two!

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