Baby Yoda is the character in Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian which has the internet abuzz with adoration – and memes galore. There are plenty of compilations of the 50 year old ‘baby’ being cute on YouTube, as well as clips aplenty on social media of the little tyke repeatedly switching on music in the Mandalorian’s ship.

However, as people have been blown away by its cuteness, one thing has slipped their mind – they don’t actually know a lot about this little green alien with the big eyes. However, Disney boss Bob Iger has revealed he’s sitting on knowledge that could blow our minds.

During an appearance on The Star Wars Show, Iger said that he knows Baby Yoda’s name. This has proven to be almost too much for some, as since the little one was christened Baby Yoda by the internet, it’s been difficult to imagine him being called anything else.

In fact, Iger said that The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau chastised him after he referred to the cute creature as Baby Yoda via email. However, after saying that he knows its name, he added ‘it’s one of the reasons why I have extra security now.’

Will we find out this piece of information anytime soon? Apparently, the name is tied into a reveal. If we don’t find out in the next episode of The Mandalorian – which is the final one of the first season – we might have to wait until the second one to get the answer…

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