Fans know that Burden of Truth has been airing over the course of summer 2020, and the good news is that reports reveal a fourth instalment will be coming to Canadian network CBC. To be precise, production on these new episodes is planned to begin in Winnipeg, Manitoba this year.

For those not in the know, Burden of Truth first began airing in 2018 and focused on a lawyer called Joanna Hanley who has become a success in her field. She returns to her hometown in order to defend a pharmaceutical company when a group of young girls who have become sick are implicated.

However, her work begins to uncover a large conspiracy which is taking place in the town she once called home, and she suspects that this secret could be why her father had her relocate with him to Toronto in the past.

Now we know that the end of season 3 has revealed a jump into the future, where Joanna is pregnant as she continues to work at her law firm Crawford Chang. Furthermore, actor Peter Mooney – who plays Joanna’s professional rival and love interest Billy Crawford – has teased that he feels good about the story which is set to unfold in the next season.

He has also spoken to TV Line about the difficulty of filming as the pandemic continues, saying ‘I’m really, really hopeful that we’ll be able to go back for a season 4’. And why is that? Because season 4 could well include Joanna and Billy as a family unit with a baby or young child.

He went on to pose some questions for fans to contemplate, asking ‘What does it look like with them as a family? How do they continue on practicing as lawyers and moving forward together [with] a brand new little one in the mix?’ We can speculate that season 4 is likely to stream next year in Canada first, with the US coming soon after.

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