A new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired on E! this week, and we’ve got a recap of all the explosive drama right here.

Check it out below:

Kourtney and Kim

When Kris was in Paris, Kim and Kourtney got into an actual physical conflict with each other. Kris talks about it in this episode, and is unimpressed as both women are old enough to know getting physical is never a good idea.

Kris plans a family vacation to Palm Springs to try improve things between the sisters. Everyone agrees to go, but Kendall is a bit harder to convince – after a trip to look at some fancy cars, Kendall agrees.

To keep everyone safe, Kris takes precautions against COVID-19. She cleans the house and makes sure everyone washes their hands as soon as they got inside.

Kylie agrees to go to Palm Springs, but delays actually going. She posts a lot on social media but doesn’t answer calls from the family, which makes Kendall upset.

The lamp

Everything was going well and the family were playing games together, but trouble comes when Kris notices her lamp is missing.

It turns out that while Scott and the kids were playing, Scott accidentally broke the lamp and tried to hide it. He thinks no will notice a missing lamp, but Kris does. She searches all over the place for it, and even asks the family if the’ve seen it.

Scott lies and says he hasn’t seen the lamp, which really confuses Kris. Eventually Mason feels guilty, and tells Scott they need to confess. Scott tells the truth to Kris, and she’s not all that upset after all.

Kendall and Kylie

Tensions start to run high between Kendall and Kylie. Kylie puts on an outfit for a night out that Kendall claims was meant for her to wear. Khloe helps Kendall find something new to wear and they head for their night out.

Then, on the way home, Kylie and Corey are going back to LA, and Kendall thinks she’s good to ride with them. But Kylie says no to dropping her home.

Kylie and Kendall start arguing, and Corey calls Kris. Everyone could overhear Kendall and Kylie shouting at each other, and things sounded really bad.

Kendall goes home in Kris’ car in the end, which is where she tells her side of the story. She claims her and Kylie got into a physical fight, and says Kylie put her heel to Kendall’s neck. She also says Corey swore at her – though Kylie says Corey didn’t.

Maybe in next week’s episode we’ll find out what actually happened, but for now we don’t know for sure.

What we do know is this episode saw plenty of conflict, so hopefully next week things will be calmer in the family.

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