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One of the Spanish language television channel options on the market is Telemundo. This channel is in competition in the US with Univision, and the service is owned by NBCUniversal. Headquartered in Miami, the main content offering on Telemundo is shows and original content aimed at those who are Latin American and residing in the US. Types of content include sports, news shows, films, reality TV, telenovelas and more. There is a connected channel called NBC Universo, which is aimed at younger Hispanic viewers. There are almost 2000 employees across the globe, and it has been estimated that the average drama which airs during primetime hours costs roughly $70k to produce.

Channel Guide

Some of the top Telemundo series which have aired over the years include:

  • El magnate
  • Tres destinos
  • Guadalupe
  • Marielena
  • Aguamarina
  • Cara o cruz
  • Daniela
  • Vale todo
  • Victorino
  • El clon
  • Alguien te mira
  • La impostora
  • En otra piel

How To Stream Telemundo Without Cable


  • Watch 4K content across sports and non-sports titles
  • Enjoy sports betting data embedded into live broadcasts
  • Watch top channels such as Disney Channel, ABC and National Geographic

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