Those who are new to the world of the Plaths but enjoy a good dose of reality TV drama are sure to enjoy season 2 of Welcome To Plathville.

The show revolves around two parents banning their children from the outside world, with influences including the mall and television being cut off.

The first episode of season 2 recently aired, and shows how the family is dealing with some major changes – such as moving into town and leaving farm life behind.

What’s more, Micah and Moriah have left the household, and Ethan and Olivia have cut off parents Kim and Barry.

It’s revealed that Micah and Moriah got a house together, but they were only allowed to see their brothers and sisters via supervised visits.

Meanwhile, Ethan wants nothing to do with his family, so he and his wife Olivia cannot engage with the other Plaths without supervision either.

However, Lydia remains on the path her parents desired and even has a prayer room. She believes her older siblings have gone down the wrong path.

When Ethan goes on camera, he reveals that he rejected his upbringing and wanted a new life. However, when he moved, the family moved to less than a mile away from him.

It looks like trouble is brewing for the Plaths, so check in for season 2 episode 2 on TLC on November 17, 2020, at 10pm ET/PT.

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