TLC is a reality TV channel known for providing addictive television shows, and the latest instalment may just be the most exciting yet.

The second season of Welcome To Plathville is set to come out tonight, November 3 2020, at 10pm ET. Each episode is scheduled to last for around an hour.

In season 1, fans watched as Kim and Barry Plath attempted to fulfil their dream of raising their 9 children on a 55 acre farm with no exposure to the outside world.

However, this season we will see some of the children decide to explore careers and lives outside of the farm. For example, Micah tries out modelling and dating, while Moriah moves out of the family home.

Meanwhile, Kim and Barry continue to employ the lifestyle where the kids aren’t able to go online, watch TV or eat sugar – but will they be able to keep it going when there is already rebellion from the other children?

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