The first episode of Welcome To Plathville season 2 recently aired on TLC, with the premiere titled A Family Divided.

Notably, the family has been divided in recent times, and Micah and Moriah are seen coming back after leaving temporarily to experience the outside world.

However, while the initial appeal of the first season is that this family lived life cut off from traditional outside influences, it seems these rules could have since been relaxed.

Viewers noticed in the first episode that Micah and Moriah were having a jam session in his room – but next to the PC was a games controller, which would appear to go against the Plath rules.

It makes sense that Micah and Moriah discovered the joy of computer games while away from the house, and insisted they be allowed to keep this hobby upon their return. But does this mean the rest of the Plaths are allowed to engage in similar activities?

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