With the rising popularity of free over-the-air TV and streaming services in general, it has naturally followed that people will show an increased interest in the hardware that comes with it. RGTech have designed antenna models in two different styles – the Monarch 40 and the Monarch 50.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an antenna. For example, many cord cutters want a discreet piece of equipment which doesn’t look too conspicuous. Easy set up is also a bonus, as lots of people would prefer to simply plug in and go. Finally, being able to mount or use an effective stand for an antenna is of the utmost importance, to reduce interference.

The RGTech Monarch 40 was designed and engineered in the USA by Dr Argy Petros. This scientist is known for being part of the NASA Hall of Fame and holding 23 patents. It essentially uses space technology and transfers it to a piece of hardware which allows cord cutters to watch TV everywhere, free of charge.

Benefits of HDTV antennas

Cord cutters look at RGTech Monarch 40 reviews because they want to find the best piece of equipment possible for their home. There are numerous benefits to purchasing a digital television antenna. Perhaps the biggest is that no subscription fees are involved in the process of watching over the air (OTA) television, whereas cable and satellite will require a regular bill. Furthermore, OTA broadcasts aren’t subject to the signal compressions used by cable and satellite. As a result, antennas from providers such as RGTech will provide cord cutters with high definition picture quality. As if that wasn’t enough, cable and satellite may not provide all the channels that could be on offer in the area you reside in; broadcast stations could offer regional programming you didn’t know about, completely free of charge. Whether it’s local news, sports, kids programs, cooking shows or movies, the RGTech Monarch 40 will be sure to pick these up if they’re available. How can you get all these channels for free, you may ask? It’s simple – advertisers pay for the broadcast networks, as opposed to subscribers. This means that, instead of paying a monthly subscription for cable or satellite, you can make a one-off purchase for an antenna such as the RGTech Monarch 40 and benefit from free channels moving forwards. 

There isn’t much you need to know if you want to set up this model of RGTech Monarch HD antenna in your home. All you need is a television with a digital tuner, which will be found in any TV which was manufactured after March 2007, and an antenna which will work in your specific location. You should also have a knowledge of where the broadcast towers are located in your area, as you can then point your RGTech device towards them to get the best of local OTA and free television. Bear in mind that hills, trees and buildings could weaken signals, or cause them to bend or deflect, so keep your Monarch 40 antenna as high as possible, as the higher it is positioned, the better the reception you’re likely to receive. For example, if OTA TV signals have to pass through walls and other surfaces, these obstructions can lead to disruptions in your television viewing. 

Some antennas will be narrow focused – or directional – antennas, while others will be multidirectional, with various range capacities. With the RGTech Monarch 40, you’re getting a multidirectional TV antenna with a range of 40 miles. Reading antenna reviews will ensure you find the best piece of equipment for your needs. Be aware that there is no magic antenna; if you live far away from any broadcast tower, you’re much less likely to gain a television signal than a person who lives in a more populated area. That being said, the good thing about models such as the RGTech devices is the fact that you can try them out for a set period of time, returning them if they don’t do the trick for you. 

To increase your chances of getting a high quality connection to your local OTA television, try installing the antenna outdoors. Alternatively, set it up in your attic, or high up in a room. Make sure the connection and installation is simple, as signal loss is more likely to occur if there are multiple junctions in the installation. If you don’t find a signal right away, don’t give up hope – move the antenna to various locations until you find the best place to receive a signal. It’s common for people to find that one end of the roof or room is much better at picking up a signal, so keep persevering until you have the results you desire.


The Monarch 40 is rectangular in size and shape, therefore resembling a business envelope. It’s quite small, as it’s just over a foot wide and three and a half inches tall. There’s little chance it will protrude much from the wall, due to the fact that it’s only a third of an inch deep and the bulging section is only located on one side of it. This piece of hardware comes with a cord which is 10 feet long, and it’s easy to stick to the wall as 3 metres of sticky tape is included.

Available channels and performance

In terms of free TV which is accessible with the RGTech Monarch 40, users can tune in to all available over the air channels such as Fox, CBS, PBS, NBC and ABC. It’s easy to place the antenna close to the TV, or find a spot within the house which suits you best. The Plug and Scan function means the installation requirements are minimal, and once television is streaming users will find that there is no pixelation on the picture quality. What’s more, the fact it doesn’t consume energy saves you money on your electricity bill.

Tech and features

The RGTech Monarch Indoor HDTV Antennas make use of Ultra-Wideband Technology, shortened to UWB. This technology is used in radars, and a variant was also used by Dr Argy Petros in an antenna that was created for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Used in remote sensing applications, this technology makes use of high bandwidth. 

On top of this, the multi-directional reception ability and integrated 4G filter means that mobile phone signal won’t interfere. The net result is a high quality image on TVs. The reception comes in 4K and 1080p, and there is also a reception for VHF, UHF, HD and DAB radio. Another bonus is the fact that you can simply plug in and go, and no power supply is required. 

As this antenna works without the need for a cable or satellite connection, it can be used in a range of locations, from offices and cars to caravans and yachts. 


The RGTech Monarch 40 is available on Amazon for $14.90. In addition, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty. This means that the purchase is risk free for testing the antenna’s suitability in your area, as if it does not get the reception you want, you can return it for a full refund. Furthermore, if you encounter any technical issues with the device during the next 5 years, you will be able to get this addressed free of charge.


The RGTech Monarch 40 is a versatile antenna that can pick up a range of channels. Depending on the area you live in, you will be able to benefit from a variety of options based on a simple plug and play setup. The 30 day money back period means you can return it if it doesn’t work in your area. The pricing is reasonable, meaning that you can potentially make a small investment for a big return in terms of programming. Its sleek and discreet design means that it won’t look too conspicuous in your home. Overall, this device is well worth trying out.

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