There have been a number of live action reboots of classic Disney movies in recent times, from The Lion King to Aladdin.

Now Hercules is getting the treatment, as the 1997 animated movie is being produced in a new version by the Russo brothers – Joe and Anthony.

The reboot will also be worked on by Dave Callaham, known for his work on The Expendables films, plus his screenplay for Shang-Chi.

The animated version of the movie takes its inspiration from Heracles, a Greek myth. When the son of Zeus is exiled from Mount Olympus after interference from Hades, he is stranded on Earth.

However, he still has superhuman strength, and learns what really makes a hero with the help of some new friends during his life as a mortal.

Other live action movies in the works from Disney include Mulan, a 101 Dalmatians prequel – Cruella – Peter Pan & Wendy, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio and Bambi.

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