The Mulan live action remake is currently in production for Disney+, and one of the stars is Jason Scott Lee, who is playing villain Bori Khan.

In a series of insights picked up by Mashable, Lee has discussed what fans can expect from the classic movie reboot.

The live-action version will not feature the Huns making a return. Instead, Lee plays the warrior leader of the Rourans who has a personal vendetta against the Chinese empire and wants revenge.

Describing his character, Lee said: ‘I think in essence, Bori Khan has been through a lot of wars. He’s a tough character that you just can’t knock down. I think the respect he’s given by the tribal leaders of the other Rouran allows him to unify the other groups to increase his army, increase power and have the ability to tackle the Emperor.

‘The way I’m approaching it is that colonialism has pushed out native or indigenous cultures. Bori Khan’s fight is to regain and recompose his culture of the Rouran connate and to reestablish their power structure.

‘That’s something that we also talked about coming into the project. I shared my take with the director [Niki Caro] and she said, ‘Oh, that’s a good perspective, is that the culture of the Rourans have been overrun by the Chinese.’’

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